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Agile Coaching

If your team needs a boost in morale or shot in the arm, I will entertain, motivate and enlighten them with a blend of cutting edge information and good, old-fashioned humor.


Sometimes it makes sense to have a non-partisan outsider come in and help you facilitate those highly charged meetings. With my background as a psychologist, I have the skills to mediate conflict and to help your team work through difficult decisions and transitions.

TDK Consulting, LLC

Great things come from great relationships.

With our fast paced cultures and ever changing worlds, we need to be able to keep pace. I have a variety of tools and methods that you can use to become more agile and adaptable as an organization or as a leader.

The Neuroscience of Success: As the world evolves, we are moving into the age of empathy. It is no longer enough to have the best strategy or to be the smartest organization. Truly effective leadership will require the ability to read, understand, and care about people. Social neuroscience is helping us uncover the biological bases of human behavior and is providing insights into how to improve relationships so organizations can be more effective while making work more fun and productive for everyone.  Let me share those insights with you.

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Tom Kalous, PhD

I provide highly impactful training on Emotional Intelligence, Individual Differences, Social Neuroscience and Leadership. I will work with you to create trainings that meet your needs.